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India losing its sheen

It is very unfortunate, but I find myself agreeing to a lot of what this Economist article has to say. Read the excerpt: INDIA is a land of large numbers: a place of over a billion people, a million mutinies … Continue reading

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End of GM and how to read WSJ free

Just finished reading a long article on the Wall Street Journal, on the plight of the iconic American car maker – GM. On Monday, June 1, 2009, GM filed for bankruptcy. For a carmaker, which had more than 50% of … Continue reading

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Some one actually foresaw this economic apocalypse !

After the great depresssion at the beginning of the previous centry, the american banking system put into force quite a few strict measures. Rather than call it strict, I would call them appropriate. The banking sytem and the financial health … Continue reading

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Real estate doom in Dubai ?

While all of us are talking excitedly and ominously about IT Doom etc, and the real estate fiasco in the US, I was shocked to see the following news item in boingboing. Wow. I knew that a significant population of … Continue reading

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