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God made a farmer

The beautifully simple Dodge RAM commerical during super bowl 2013. Wow. A visually telling story. The commentary is awesome as well. Full of emotion. Just looking at those images, and the commentary on why God made a farmer, brings in … Continue reading

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The CEO who did demos

Yeah, you know who I am talking about. Steve Jobs. I was reading the blog of Don Melton (who led the first Safari development team), where he describes the feeling of being in the audience of rehearsals of the ‘master … Continue reading

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Project Update Presentation

I have always been a fan of good presentation design. But the most common push back I get is – “All those single word 72 point stuff is for Steve Jobs style presentations or marketing folk. Well, here is one … Continue reading

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Guy Kawasaki – “12 lessons Steve Jobs Taught me”

Fantastic. Guy has great energy. I love the way he presents in a very no-nonsense way.

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Fantastic Ted Talk by John Hockenberry

No words to describe it. Just see it.

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Joe Costello – Keynote in DAC 2006

Quick blurb about Joe – ” He was president and COO of SDA Systems from 1987–1988 and CEO of Cadence Design Systems, which became the largest EDA company under his tenure, from 1988–1997. In 2004, he was awarded the Phil … Continue reading

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Worst Tech Presentation Ever ?

And yes, it was by Apple. Wow. Gil Amelio at his worst. I am still sniggering at “It had an 128K OS!”. “It needs the internet, so lets throw some Java in there”. Yes. Actual quotes. Look at the full … Continue reading

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