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Drive – What motivates us?

Fantastic video. I totally agree with this. Advertisements

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Too Many Hops

Quite recently, I had been talking to a friend of mine, who was vying for a senior leadership position. After a couple of conversations with the recruiter, he was told he had taken too many hops, and hence the company was not … Continue reading

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Simplicity, and yet refined Sophistication

Watched a rare interview of Steve Jobs circa 1980 yesterday. That man was a genius. He knew what he wanted 30 years ago. And I believe he accomplished what he wanted. *RESPECT* Some key points that just blew my mind away: … Continue reading

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Spring cleaning

Except it is not spring. Wow. It is a season of CEO firings. First, it was Carol Bartz (Yahoo), and today it is Leo Apothekar (HP). Meg Whitman (ex-CEO of EBAY) replaces Leo.  Read the NYTimes article here.

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Microsoft vs Apple

“For apple to be successful, we have to let go of a few things. One of the things that we need to let go, is the notion that, for Apple to win, Microsoft has to lose. We have to embrace … Continue reading

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Disney on money and movies …

Walt Disney’s mantra was, “I don’t make movies to make money—I make money to make movies.” I  just read this in an interview with Brad Bird of Pixar, on innovation and creativity. Disney’s quote is a beautiful one. Shows that, … Continue reading

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360 degree leader summarized

Jason and Micheal have dedicated fridays to leadership in their excellent ‘blackbelt productivity’ blog. They have an excellent summary of John Maxwell’s book on 360 degree leader. Very very nicely written. Check it out here. [weblink]

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