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Duplicate Number Case

It had been two weeks, and I had been getting these yellow pieces of paper almost every alternative day. Challans, as the Bangalore Traffic Enforcement Police, non-challantly call it. No parking in and around the Richmond Circle area. On week … Continue reading

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I have a check-in to make.

I sauntered down the steps, two at a time. The sun was just beginning to rise. The river was its best – shining, shimmering. The clamour of feet. So many others rushing down to the river as well. She can … Continue reading

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GE Juice Train

Florida to New Jersey in 156 seconds. Very nice in-cab video.  

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God made a farmer

The beautifully simple Dodge RAM commerical during super bowl 2013. Wow. A visually telling story. The commentary is awesome as well. Full of emotion. Just looking at those images, and the commentary on why God made a farmer, brings in … Continue reading

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Paper Man

There are only three letters needed to describe this beautiful animated short from Disney. Wow. Just Wow. From the beautifully drawn to the computer generated mixing to the fantastic facial expressions of the characters. Every twitch of the eye. The … Continue reading

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Drive – What motivates us?

Fantastic video. I totally agree with this.

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