About gcmouli

This blog was started in blogger. I have been blogging about software, technology and personal productivity for a few years now. I recently shifted to wordpress, because of some neat features that Blogger did not have. Since then, blogger also has been on the move, and gotten fancier, and nicer. Over the years, I moved to a self-hosted wordpress blog. And now (December of 2011), I feel I want to focus back on content, and moved back to wordpress.com hosted blog.

About me : I am a software engineer who loves engineering management (wierd combo, I know!). I did my Phd in the US of A (sunny florida) in Computer Engineering. I lived in Noida (near Delhi) for a while, coding for a large EDA (electronic design automation) company. Over time, I started managing a small group, and got interested in management too. After about 4 years into the job, I finally thought, it was time, to move closer home to South India. I shifted to the software capital of India – Namma Bengaluru. For a brief period of 6 months, I worked as a product specialist for a small startup company. I then joined a company which was a medium sized company, and we  got bought by a giant (in relative terms to the EDA industry), which is a competitor to my first company in Noida. Oh well. It is a small world after all. I now manage a small group of super-energetic induviduals ; and also do some amount of coding myself as well. All in all a lot of fun.

I thought I was having fun, when suddenly a totally different opportunity stared me in the face – a Program Management position at Microsoft. I moved to Hyderabad for a year (at that time, MS presence in Bangalore was very small). As of December 2011, I am back in *sigh with relief* Namma Bengaluru – still doing Program Management at Microsoft. Having even more fun now.

Still in the quest of fun, an awesome opportunity presented itself in the EDA company I left. So I am back. Now in a challenging new role in the Software Engineering Team. Pursueing one of my passions — to bring some software engineering order to the madness we call EDA. Trying to introduce a concept called Reusable components to product teams and attempt to reduce duplication of code and effort.



9 Responses to About gcmouli

  1. G V Krishnan says:

    Would appreciate your permission to list your blog among favourites at Mysore Blog Park – http://www.mysoreblogpark.blogspot.com/

  2. Mouli says:

    I would be honoured. Please do go ahead and add me to the mysoreblogpark.


  3. Richa Bhatnagar says:


    I was going through Blogs and found some very interesting articles and blogs of yours on professional fields.

    The Times of India is launching a new professional networking site for the Top-Level Management. I would like to invite you to write blogs and articles for our site which are related to the Specialized Functional areas. If you are interested, kindly reply back and we can talk about the same. My contact no# is +91 9910364975


    Richa Bhatnagar

    Assistant Manager

    Times Group

  4. Saravanan says:

    some of the articles are very informative and interesting.
    thanks buddy…


  5. vimal says:

    mm, where did you do your schooling? 🙂

  6. sharath says:

    Plz continue the story anna :):)

  7. J. Alder says:


    I’m writing to inform you that your blog has been included in Engineering Management Online’s list of the Top 25 Engineering Management Blogs of 2012. In selecting blogs to be included in our list we looked for blogs relevant to engineering management that were active in 2012 with regular posts that are thoughtful, informative, and clearly written by knowledgeable and informed authors. You can view the entire list at http://www.engineering-management.net/top-engineering-management-blogs-2012/.

    All the best,

    J. Alder
    Managing Editor
    Engineering Management Online
    editor at engineering-management.net

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