Bangalore “Namma” Metro (in pictures)

Finally, did the touristy rounds of the Bangalore Metro yesterday. Though the wife and kid had been on it quite a while ago, this trip just kept eluding me for quite a while. Caught an autoriskhaw to Trinity Circle on Saturday evening. Took the metro down to Byappanahalli and back.

  • Fantastically neat.
  • Built to international standards.
  • There are still some touristy folks. But about half the train looked like folks using it for commute – defenitely an improvement.
  • Fares are reasonable. Rs. 14 for Trinity -> Byappanahalli.
  • The pleasant air freshener in the AC of the train is a refreshing change. Almost makes you believe that you have stepped into Singapore.

Once you get out of the Byappanahalli metro station, you see the Byapannahalli railway station behind you. If you are a train lover, this viewpoint is perfect. Here are some snaps from here.


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