Two Reasons why I like my Blackberry

My current employer gives out Blackberrys to its managers for official use. Two really cool features which make me smile each time:

  • Access to Intranet pages. Wow. I could _not_ do this in any other mobile. In the blackberry, I guess, you are part of the corporate network. When I open my browser, I can get access to every intranet page I have access. *Nice*
  • Seamless connectivity to our internal address book. Yes, Windows Phone (and maybe Android and the iPhone) can do it too. But the speed at which this guy works is just awesome sauce.

I spent a conflicting 2 minutes on whether to say ‘why I like my BB’ or ‘why I love my BB’ in the title. I guess I am not yet at the stage where I am ‘loving’ the BB yet. I guess I got used to the super-awesome touch screen typing experience (with auto-correct) in Windows Phone. I still dont have that here. I need to rely on my finger nails to press the minuscule keypad on the BB.

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