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Warehousing robots

Wow. I heard about the Kiva Robots deal a few weeks ago. But what I saw in the video below blew my brains out. Wow. No more words. J U S T   W A T C H ! (via kottke)

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Windows 7 : Remove a program from startup

The number of times I have had to remove a program from my start-up sequence in windows 7 is quite large. And the shocker is, the number of times that I have stumbled in trying to figure out how, is … Continue reading

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From Slashdot to Washington Post

Wow. I echo Gruber in saying  “This is to be filed in the “I-never-thought-I-would-write-this-headline” category! Rob Malda (aka CmdrTaco), the guy who started Slashdot, and who had been the editor at large for this awesome community tech site retired from … Continue reading

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The Smart Phone Addiction/Dependency

pic credit – salon de maria Remember the time, when the only phone in the house was the black beetel phone that BSNL provided ? And the phone book that lay next to it ? (Some might argue and go … Continue reading

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LEGO Rubix Cube Solver

  Fantastic is the only word I have.

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Jowar Roti Meals at Kamat

(Image credit: flickr user chocolate geek) Went to Kamat Swad over the weekend. I had tried the Jowar Meals here before (well I had tried it at Kamat Bugle Rock), but the wife had not tried it before .This is … Continue reading

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The men in Black (Advocates Issue in Karnataka)

As much as I do avoid writing about political issues, I could not resist penning down my current frustration at what is happening in the Karnataka at the moment. For those who are not in the know of what happened … Continue reading

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Gear-shift your productivity

(flickr source: noloran) Utilizing our mind-power, or for that matter even our physical body, is much like driving manual shift car. Neither can you always drive in first gear, nor can you always drive in top gear. Let me explain … Continue reading

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