Worst Tech Presentation Ever ?

And yes, it was by Apple. Wow. Gil Amelio at his worst.

I am still sniggering at

  • “It had an 128K OS!”.
  • “It needs the internet, so lets throw some Java in there”.

Yes. Actual quotes. Look at the full video.

  • Wow. Steve Jobs comes in for a ‘cameo’ appearance for a crisp preso and walks away. This is the event where Apple announced that it was acquiring NeXt.
  • Notice the great applause when Steve walks in (awful suit and pants, but whatever!).  Also notice the change in style of slides and the presentation style.
  • Jobs blinks at the number of photo flashes and says – “you guys need to stop flashing, or I will go blind and fall off the stage.”
  • Notice the dead-pan bored look on Amelio, while Jobs is talking.
  • Jobs goes over the over-arching plan. And then says – “At this moment, I would like to descend into some details, <pause> at the risk of boring you”. Notice the fake-warning. He knows super-well that the audience is just hungry for more details. Amelio had not given any details until then.
  • The OS is called MACH OS. And he says – “It runs on Intel Processors today.”
  • Jobs shows 5 quicktime videos running seamlessly together. Wow. And he just pauses a scene from one of them (Space Jam), drags and drops into Mail, and the clip (screenshot) is pasted as an attachment picture. Beautiful.
  • What we found out a long time ago was, the line of code that a developer can write the fastest, a line of code a developer can maintain the easiest, and a line of code that never breaks is <pause> a line of code that he never had to write.


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