Simplicity, and yet refined Sophistication

Watched a rare interview of Steve Jobs circa 1980 yesterday. That man was a genius. He knew what he wanted 30 years ago. And I believe he accomplished what he wanted. *RESPECT*

Some key points that just blew my mind away:

  • Man builds tools to amplify his abilities.
  • A computer is a tool to help you solve a problem. But we throw a big problem betwn you and your problem-learn how to use the computer. Our goal is to simplify that problem between you and your problem as much as possible”
  • For some crazy reason in the Universe (that I dont know about), two people in Los Altos and Cupertino had a need for a computer (and built), that a million other people want. Crazy that this fits the exact same need of all these people.
  • The name “Apple computers” represented what we wanted as a culture – simplicity and yet very refined sophistication”.
  • We should be talking about solutions, and not hardware or software. It is the solution that should just work – whatever it takes.
  • Comparison of Automobiles to Computers. Dump trucks, cars, buses – they have pretty much the same parts – transmissions, steering mechanisms, wheels, seats. They are all a means of transportation. What they differ on is emphasis on its function. Same way, we will build Apple computers with an emphasis that we will refine and define.
  • We have about 500 people. We will probably do between a 150 and 200 million dollars of sales. If you divide this by the number of employees, the sales $ per employee that you will get is probably a number that no one ever has heard of before. Thats because we have the most incredible collection of people on the planet.


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