Mumbai blasts (again!)

Felt very sad when I read the news night before last (online) about another series of blasts in Mumbai.

Felt sadder when I read this piece of news in BBC –

“Attacks of this magnitude do not deter foreign investors or have any lasting economic impact,” said Seema Desai, an analyst with the New York-based risk consultant Eurasia Group. “Most investors know that terror attacks can and do happen but these do not impact the functioning of the economy.”

While I do agree with the practicality of the statement – and maybe the statement was backed by data – I did feel an inner pain. Have we started accepting this as normal ? This is not normal. *Sigh* Never had much faith in the Congress Govt to bring in any change to this situation. And this just reinforced it.

Mumbaikars – our hearts are with you. Be strong and have hope. Some day there will be a government, which do will a massive pest control exercise of this country and get rid of all these fundamentalists (be it of any caste/creed/religion) who believe in casting violence on innocent people.


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