Nokia / Symbian UI Design Bug

Despite the ominous sounding complex title, what I am about to write, is something that almost everyone who owns a Nokia phone has encountered.

Try this:

Image courtesy:

1. Set your phone to lock key-pad after 10 seconds (or some small time)

2. Set your phone on vibrate mode.

3. Keep it on your desk, and walk away for 10 minutes.

4. Have your friend call you during this time.

In most Nokia phones, to lock or unlock your keypad, you need to press left key and *. But by habit, most people come back to their desk, click some arbitrary key, the screen glows, shows your wall paper, your time etc. But the phone will not show any symbol that you have missed calls! Now unlock your keypad, and bingo, you see that you have a missed call.

Should not the missed call be indicated, even when unlocked?? I have missed multiple missed calls this way. I do not think, that this is a limitation in the software, since, if you get a message, that shows up as an envelope, even when the keypad is locked. So I am pretty sure, the missed call can also be shown. I think it is just a design issue that has been overlooked.

Nokia / Symbian … Are you listening ?

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