Day 7: Madras Music Season

My father was the one who noticed that, I had not logically concluded my series of posts on the Madras Music Season, which I thoroughly enjoyed the whole of last week.

The last concert on the day that I left for Bangalore, was Sanjay Subramanyam, at Rama Bhaktha Jana Sabha (at PSBB schook KKNagar). My bus was at 11PM, and I was at the concert until 9:20PM. :=). So yes, I was listening to music until the last minute of my Chennai trip.

My comments on the Sanjay concert:

  • Outstanding performance
  • His maturity and control over the music is evidently visible.
  • One thing that I noticed was, how he enjoyed the concert. He was smiling, and encouraging the mridangam, ganjira, and the violin (genuinely!). You can easily see that, he was enjoying the concert, as much as the listeners were. I think that’s made the concert class apart. The only other concert, in which I got this vibe, was TM Krishna. Every other concert, the singers were so engrossed in making sure they sounded good, they chose the right songs, they did on time etc etc etc. Sanjay’s music just flowed.
  • Bilahari, Amir Kalyani, and Vagulapriya, were few of the ragams delivered flawlessly.
  • Virutham before Aadum Chidambarame was amazing.
  • He was almost dancing while singing the fast paced Nijagaadasa Yadunandane.
  • It was a pity, that I had to leave at 9:20PM. Not sure how long he sang. I am sure there would have been atleast 2-3 thukkadas. He is famous for singing tamil songs. I sure missed them.


That ends my series of posts on the Madras Music Season 2009-2010. I had tons of fun. I hope reading these posts encourage/enthuse people to come to Chennai next year, and have the same feeling that I had this year.

Happy listening!

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