Majestic Nageswaran Kovil

Kumbakonam is not just a city of temples. It is to be called the city of “big temples”. This temple sits on a very busy thoroughfare – aptly called “Nageswaran Kovil North Street”, since it borders its north praharam (boundary). But once you enter the temple, is when you realize the enormity of the temple.

Some observations I made:

  • The Subramanyar is huge here (6ftish) – most of these temples have a small murugan on one side of the main garbagruha (with Pillayar on the other side).
  • There is a sannidhi for Vaidhyanathar. (Vaideeswaran kovil fame).
  • There is also a sannidhi for Jora Hara Vinayagar – famed for his capacity to cure fevers (and other related diseases). Note the presence of 2 doctors in the same temple.
  • Suryan also has his own cabin here in this temple.
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