Veg Burger review

I have been in the search for a good Veg Burger in Bangalore for a while. And no, I do not mean the factory made McDonalds burger. Yuck. Have gotten bored of eating the “exact formula based burger”. Last week, happened to have a pretty good burger at the food court in the Forum, Koramangala. In the Shiv Sagar booth, there was a burger on display. And it said 50 bucks. So I said, what the heck.


It was pretty good actually. Deep fried patty in between the buns. But not dripping with oil. Long oval buns. Not the usual small burger buns. Sesame topping was there. The burger was cut in two, so it made eating easy. Fresh slices of tomato, cucumber, onion, green peppers, and guess what, beetroot, on top of the patty. Some sauce in between – most probably mayo.

The burger was indeed juicy (just the right amount). Not oily, and made a perfect eat.

If any other Bangaloreans have any perfect veg burger joints, let me know in the comments !

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