Thanjavur on the move …

I am a big fan of the Thanjavur delta region (Tanjore for the more anglicized name oriented) – probably because of my ancestral roots from that region. But the lush greenery, the temples, the railway stations, the winding roads, the canals from the cauvery – everything about this region, brings out some very warm emotions inside of me – makes me all fuzzy inside. I am also a big fan of motion blur photographs. So here, for your viewing pleasure is a combination of both — The Thanjavur delta region seen from the window of a train (the Mayiladuthurai express), on my way back from Kumbakonam to Bangalore.


Crack of dawn - just crossing Tanjore station (on my trip from B'lore to Kumbakonam)


Lush green fields


More paddy crops ...


Ready for transplanting ...


More cultivation ...

Its a pity, I could not get any nice pictures of the Cauvery river. Maybe in my next visit, I will get some.

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2 Responses to Thanjavur on the move …

  1. Kamini says:

    I really loved this post. I have very fond childhood memories of the beautiful Thanjavur district, and also of train journeys through India. Your post combined the two in a most magical way for me. Thank you!

  2. Mouli says:

    Thanks for your comments Kamini. Welcome to my blog. Do come back when you get the time.

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