Random (tamil) Punch Dialogue

Raghuvaran voice (RV) to be in deep throated croaking voice:

RV: Gun irukka? (Do you have gun ?)

Police: Irukku sir. (Yessir)

RV: Bullet?

Police: Irukku sir. (Yessir)

RV: Enga ? (where?)

Police: Pocketla sir.

RV: Govt edhu kuduthaalum pocketa ? (whatever govt gives, you put in pocket?)

Police (squirming)

RV: Bullet gunla irukkanum. Moolai thalaila irukkanum. (Bullet should be in gun. Brain should be in head!)

Waah. Waah. What thatthuvam (logic)! Whaah.

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3 Responses to Random (tamil) Punch Dialogue

  1. Hari says:


    When are these filmmakers goanna learn? =))

  2. Good idea put forth with good sense of humor.

  3. bernard says:

    mattum Aambalai ya porunthu
    irundha ..,
    Ulagathula iruka yellam dham yayum
    vidhamana adichu
    By Yengayum yeppothum Mani

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