Thali Gharwali

On Saturday, I had lunch at Purabhi’s Dal Roti – one of our favourite restaurants in Koramangala (R loves it there too). I had originally thought I would have their delicious parathas – two parathas served and they are huge (defenitely worth the money – and they are reasonable too!). Then I chanced to see the Thali Gharwali. For some reason, R and I have always skipped this.

Today, I was in the mood for a square meal, or a um, round meal, sure whatever. And the thali it was. I know the manager of this restaurant well (yeah yeah, I know, it is because we have frequented this place too often in the past!). So he came and kushalam vijaarichified (*). I asked what was there in the thali today. And he said, good stuff and made the A-OK sign with his fingers. I said “Bring it on!”.

The perfect meal:

  • – 3 phulkas
  • – 1 katori dal makhani (the dal makhani here is the best I have tasted in Bangalore)
  • – 1 katori jeera aaloo
  • – 1 katori kadi pakodi (I am not a fan of kadi – so I fished out the pakodi and ate it ! :-))
  • – 1 katori pulao (only half cooked – typical of north Indian food !)
  • – 1 katori mixed raita (delicious tomatos and cucumbers, and very less onions)
  • – 1 lijjat papad

On the whole, quantity which is just about right, and variety a plenty. I did not feel gluttonous after the meal. Perfecto. Kudos to the Dal Roti Chef.

Location of restaurant: Koramangala – on the road which leads to Sony world junction from Vivek Nagar/National Games Village. It is between the pizza hut junction and Sony world. It is on the first floor. The entrance is on a side road. It is easy to miss. Look out for their signboard (see below):

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