End of GM and how to read WSJ free

pic courtesy: online.wsj.com

Workers took down a sign after a speech by GM CEO Fritz Henderson in New York Monday. (pic courtesy: online.wsj.com)

Just finished reading a long article on the Wall Street Journal, on the plight of the iconic American car maker – GM. On Monday, June 1, 2009, GM filed for bankruptcy. For a carmaker, which had more than 50% of the market share in the United States, it is indeed a starting end. We now need to see what happens. America was known for its cars – hey, Ford invented the first motor car!. And it is shocking to see the economic downturn pull down the very symbol of its economy. All because of some suits in the investment community, who became a little too greedy, and started doing unethical, impractical, and yet stupid things. It brought the real estate market crashing down. Now it is the auto industry. What is next ?

How to read WSJ articles free (without subscription):

What WSJ has done for the sake of google to index all of its content, proves very benefical to people like me, who read WSJ articles only on a semi-regular basis. Go to online.wsj.com. All the articles which are subscriber only content, have a key symbol next to it. (For example: “A Saga of Decline and Denial” – this is the article that I mention above, that I just finished reading). Copy-paste the title of the article (in this example – “A Saga of Decline and Denial” into google). And click the first link, and there you have it – the article in full glory. Thanks Openculture for this nugget of information (link), which links to businessinsider (link).

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1 Response to End of GM and how to read WSJ free

  1. Yes Sir says:

    An end of an era for sure. Too bad we couldn’t have ended it last September before dumping billions of our dollars into this obvious black hole this was then and now before power-hungry politicians got a hold of this. Too bad taxpayers will now be subsidizing crappy cars produced by our friendly Government Motors for years to come through tax subsidies and GM consumer tax credits. Too bad we the people have allowed our elitist leaders in D.C. to run over us, our liberties, and our freedoms the last several years (Bush) and months (Obama). An end of an era to be sure.


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