Auto logic – II

Welcome tomy latest edition of Auto Logic. Some nuggets of conversation with autorikshaw drivers in Bangalore.

Me: Where are you from (in Tamil)?

Auto driver:  (Instant smile) Senji Sir

Auto driver:  Was born here in Bangalore sir. Mother and brothers have gone back to Senji to do agriculture. With the rate at which, traffic is increasing, and people riding in auto’s decreasing, I am also planning to do the same Sir. If I get a good price for my auto and my house, I will go.

Me: Your children studying ?

Auto driver: Yes Sir. Son is studying 8th in a good school in Koramangala. Will probably remain in Bangalore until he finishes atleast PUC. THen he can teka care of himself Sir.

Me: It is good that he is studying. Make him study more, and make him get a good job. He will take care of you in Bangalore, or in Senji, wherever.

Auto driver: Sure Sir.

He then went on Tamil Nadu politics and vote count, and how CNNIBN says something, and TIMES NOW says something else. And ofcoure, SUNTV and JayaTV say something totally different. I was impressed that this guy sees so many news channels to keep abreast of  happenings. The wide spread of television and rapid reduction in cable tv prices, has contributed to this. I usually dont write about politics here, but yes, there were a lot of strong opinions from him towards MK, and against J. He called her an airbag – which looking at her physical appearance, seems pretty appropriate 🙂

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