Auto logic

Do not let the title confuse you. I am not going to talk about any psychological theory, nor any neurolinguistic programming stuff. This is mainly nuggets of information, that I catch from auto-rikshaw drivers, in my travels within Bangalore. My wife tells me that, I have this knack to get people talking, and I think I agree with that. I am going to catalog interesting bits of my dialogues with these khakhi uniformed men in their mean yellow-and-black driving machines.

In todays edition, I will recapture the conversation from yesterdays ride between Domlur and Koramangala. (I have translated from tamil to English here)

Auto-driver: Look at that moron, honking, when the light is still red.
Me: Yeah, crazy guy.
Auto-driver: Put the same guy in foreign (meaning any foreign country), the guy will behave degently (decently). Why, only here, he is like this. *shaking head*

There is a pearl of wisdom (and truth) in what he says. I have heard this from a lot of folks, but to hear that from an auto-driver was revealing/shocking.

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