Garam Naram Dhaba – Ulsoor Bangalore

Have heard a lot about the Dhaba next to the Gurudwara in Ulsoor. So went there today. The name said ‘Garam Naram Dhaba’. I have heard about it only as Bobby-da-dhaba. (Not sure if  they changed the name !). My review about the dhaba below:

  • Decent Parathas – with the customary dollop of butter on top
  • Rajma Chawal was so-so.
  • Chilly Panner Veg was also so-so.
  • Lassi was very diluted (compared to the lassi you get in North India)
  • Ambience – it is inside a room – so not so dhaba-like. Furniture is very dhaba-like. Moulded tables and chairs.
  • Service – relatively fast – but the starter and the food arrived at the same time.
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9 Responses to Garam Naram Dhaba – Ulsoor Bangalore

  1. charu says:

    plese let me know where this dhaba is located heard alot about garam naram dhaba for the simple homely food.

  2. gcmouli says:

    From MG Road (trinity circle), head towards the Ulsoor lake. Take right towards Gurudwara. Immediately after Gurudwara, there is a road that goes down slope. Go in that road and park somewhere. The Dhaba is the next door (sharing a wall) with the Gurudwara.

  3. vinay says:

    this ” naram garam ” is run by my pal Sherry, go there and trust me its good place, tell him you are jattu’s pal, you’d get a discount too

  4. Puneet says:

    ‘Garam Naram’ aka Sherry Da Dabha. good homely food. the veg dishes are awesom. try the ‘puri chola’. dats wat i do. also try the onion pakoddas and paneer burji.

    hey jattu, how u man, been a long time. hope alls well.

  5. charu says:

    hey mouli, thanks a ton for d address, but went to one next to it named garam naram.aka sherry da dabha….a very neat set place.with some lip smackin veg dishes like kadi pokoda was jus amazinnn.. n the starterss too…thanks to u, now am quite frequin thr.n no more miss home food..

  6. Yo Bangalore says:

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  7. hari says:

    Need telephone number of Garam naram dhaba – fantastic punjabi food – reminds you of punjab literally!!

  8. sss says:

    namste i want to take collegues out for this dhaba so please tell me if its veg/non-veg and hows price quality i want authentic punjabi food

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