Educated Morons

I hate to use this term, but there is no other way to describe some people. I work in ITPL, and I take the ITPL bus to work. In recent days, there has been hieghtened security, after the Bombay blasts. So there is a security guard who climbs up into the bus a little before the main gate, and checks our ID cards (company ID), before the bus enters the ITPL complex itself. And the usual practise is, after the bus stops inside the ITPL complex, in the bus bay, as and when we get down, we show our bus passes. If someone does not have a pass, he buys a ticket. I do not see anything wrong with this. 

Today morning, an E.M (educated moron) gets down from the bus, and when the security guard asks for the pass, he shouts “What the hell man! How many times should I show ID man. I just showed it to the guy outside the gate man.” He then mutters “Saale” and a couple of other expletives and walks away. 

If you want to be so arrogant and not co-operate with the authorities, you also do not have any business at all, to then go on TV after every terrorist attack (NDTV/TimesNow/…) and talk about the lack of arrangements and how India is lacking, and how terror is there everywhere in India. I hate these guys. 

And all this, for just a meek looking security guard asking him for his bus pass. Guys like these should get the following treatment:

Guys gets down and does the above obscene act.

Bouncers recognize act of disobedience, run towards him, shouting, “Offender, remove, Move Move Move ..”. Three bouncers close in on the guy, two lift him using the shoulders, the third stuns him with a stun gun. They move him to a special security area, frisk him, strip-search him etc etc. They then call the E.M’s office, ask to speak to the MD/CEO/…, and ask to send their security guards to pick up the stunned guy.

{Above act is completely fictional and no relevance to any real life incident,but I do hope some of these arrogant EMs get this treatment. I also hope such Bouncer crews operate in places like railway booking counters, electricity bill paying counters, etc, and treat queue-jumpers the same way.}

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