Fashion – Review



A typical Madhur Bhandarkar movie – dark, real, exposing real-life, at times, slightly exagerated, but without that, Indian Cinema will not run.

Good acting by Priyanka Chopra. I think she is maturting into a fine actress. She portrays the roller coaster ride from small town Chandigarh girl, to hot super model, to arrogant model, to psychologically affected failed model, and a big-comeback model. She does a good job especially in the scenes where she becomes the arrogant show-stopper model. You can see the brilliant portrayal of arrogance vs attitude. I always maintain that, the best acting talent is brought out during negative roles — if you are good, you will get the audience to hate YOU. This is exactly what happens. There is a section of the movie, when you start hating Priyanka.   

The director does a cameo appearance, and takes a dig on himself, which was funny. We see him in a fashion show, and one of the models comment to the other — “See that guy! He is the famous director Madhur Bandarkar. He is taking a movie on fashion! Cannot he leave anything at all ? Wants to make a film on everything!” — not exact — but something of that nature. The other roles are side roles ; effectively carried out, but nothing spectacular. 

One question though — Is it really true (as portrayed in the film), that every other fashion designer is GAY ! Oh man, the last movie that I saw was Dostana, and now I am  beginning to wonder, if all the film directors are GAY as well !! (Or is a significant portion of the hindi movie audience GAY ?? *gasp* !)

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