Bombay attacks shocks the world!

tajfire1(image from the web)

The Bombay attacks evoke two very strong emotions in me – empathy for the people of Bombay (who are facing this for the second time in recent years) and extreme irritation at the current government (for being so inept).

My heart goes out to those in Bombay, who have been affected by this tragedy and shock.

I still cannot figure out how the current government is still suriving, after being so inept. In my opinion, this shows the effective fall of democracy – this government does not seem to be doing anything for the people. Terrorism has been flowing freely in this country ever since the current Congress government has come to power. People used to talk vehemently about Hindutva bias etc when the BJP government was there — but tell me, did anything like this happen? I usually dont indulge in politics talk — but I still cannot believe how inept this government has been. I do not recall any big infrastructure projects that got done, or any strategic political alliance with neighbours, or any financial policies that came out of this government.

This government will be remembered for the innumerable bomb blasts and lives lost only.

It is sad, very sad.

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