Intel Xeon 7400 – Made in India !

The song by Alisha Chinai – Made in India – has been my cell phone ringtone for quite some time now. And now, this tune resounds even better – when I read the EE times article, proclaiming the Intel Xeon 7400 processor to have been completely designed in India. For those not in the know, this is a BIG deal. Processor design is not trivial. Find quotes from the article below:

Intel’s India design team handled all design activities, including front-end design, pre-silicon logic validation and back-end design for the Intel Xeon 7400 series processor aimed at high-end servers and code-named Dunnington.

Along with being Intel India’s first complete microprocessor design, Praveen Vishakantaiah, president of Intel Technology India Pvt. Ltd., said the design ramp-up took just six years. “This is also the first complete 45-nanometer design outside the U.S,” Vishakantaiah added.

Boy, am I feeling proud or what !

[link to the original EETimes article]

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3 Responses to Intel Xeon 7400 – Made in India !

  1. kishorekumar62 says:

    Wonderful development really!

    The hype and noise around the software outsourcing business has muted the work going on in the embedded space, but clearly the caliber and cretivity being displayed in the embedded space seems to be more noteworthy.

    Congratulations to the Intel India team.

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  3. Latch says:

    I know it is not a 100% made in india chip. You are bluffing!
    The original core was developed in Israel and the team in india just put it togather.

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