A new browser in the arena – Google Chrome

Google has just announced that, it will be releasing a beta of a new open source browser named Chrome tomorrow. By the looks of it, Google has been developing this thing for quite some time. It seems pretty advanced and very cool. It is based on the Mozilla and the Webkit libraries. Some nice things that can be said from what I have read:

  • super tabs – completely multi-threaded
  • sandboxing – for more security
  • a new virtual machine for javascript.

What is more, in true google style, Google has released this info in a very different way – in the way of a comic book ! Read the very cool comic here.

Read more about Chrome on Techcrunch and on the official google blog.

Update: If you have already downloaded chrome, go and type about:internets . LOL. It is an awesomely funny easter egg.

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One Response to A new browser in the arena – Google Chrome

  1. poor Firefox… they’re gonna take more and more of a hit as Chrome inevitably gains in popularity

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