Hyderabad Nizam – Richest Man in the world in 1937

Did you know that Asaf Jah VII (his given name was Osman Ali Khan) was the richest man in the world in 1937, and that his picture came on the time magazine cover saying so ! Wow. I did not know that.

Source: neatorama

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One Response to Hyderabad Nizam – Richest Man in the world in 1937


    im SAYEED BIN ABOOD BIN MUJAIDE one of the resident of hyderabad barkas.

    Nizams were revered rulers of Hyderabad who did a whole lot of good for the betterment of their kingdom which their contemporaries were unable to achieve. True they had money but not by fleecing the poorer sections of the society as it is made out in some of the above pieces I read. They made Hyderabad a hub of trade and commerce and were far ahead of their time in initiating projects for the welfare of their subjects.

    Hindus and muslims had equal opportunities in the state as is evident from the recorded history, both communities held high positions and enjoyed the confidence of the ruler. Fleecing for taxes from poor seems a far fetched theory which will not cut ice for the simple reason how will the poor pay taxes when they did not have the money to pay for their upkeep, let alone taxes.

    My forefathers have served the Nizams and notable among them was ‘Hosh Bilgrami’ his account of the life under Nizam’s under Hyderabad was an era of plenty where even poorer sections of society wore heavy gold, city was spruced up regularly and cleaned daily. See the monuments and projects completed in the time of Nizams which stand as a testimony to their achievements for the state and its people.

    Now Sardar Patel was a visionary and indeed was an iron man of India. Let’s look at this point from a simple viewpoint. Nizam was the ruler of princely state of Hyderabad while Patel was part of the ruling clique of the country who had just attained independence. Both did their own job. Be it sangh parivar or a muslim potentate, the basic need to preserve what is yours is very inherent and Nizam tried to keep Hyderabad as an independent state while Patel’s job was to unify India.

    Patel tried every trick in the book and then in Nehru’s absence launched Operation Polo while Nizam strategically failed to garner material and men support in time. The ill equipped army with non regulars razakars was never any match for the trained army of the younf Indian nation and he lost and was forced sign in favour of joining the Indian union. Politically he lost on the chessboard of politics while like every other human being before and after him he tried to defend and keep what was his by right. I do not see any treason in this. How will i react if the Indian government for any reason wants to take away my house from me and asks me to vacate it. I will protest and do all in my power to keep my house.

    At the end neither Nizam was wrong in defending his kingdom which he felt and saw as unjustified acts of Indian government and nor was Patel wrong in doing what he did. He acted in line with the vision of unifying India. I will call the last Nizam a visionary and a ruler who ruled the hearts of his subjects and Patel also a visionary who united India which none of his contemporaries would have ever been able to achieve in that time.

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