Interesting Bengaluru

Four in a 2 wheeler … can I come too aunty? [Notice that, with all this, the helmet hangs uselessly at the back of the scooter]

Psychedelic colours on the back of a bus

Remember this road? This peaceful avenue used to be the bustling departure terminal access road for the old HAL airport road. What a difference.

[pictures shot using my Nokia 3110 classic]

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3 Responses to Interesting Bengaluru

  1. i Share says:

    Thought provoking pictures Mouli.
    The second shot is caused by mixture of oil and water on the wind screen?

  2. gcmouli says:

    Nope. The whole bus (which was standing in front of me) was painted in these psychedelic colours. If you travel on airport-varthur road near the marthahalli junction around 7:45AM in the morning, you can see it daily 🙂 I think it goes to Hoskote or some other suburb area.

  3. i Share says:

    Ah! some dumb observation of mine. hee hee.

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