Cannot our health ministry please prioritize … ?

Gayathri has this heart-wrenching post (also named so), about her visit to the Stanley Hospital, Chennai. It is indeed gut-curling, to see the mass of humanity, who cannot afford anything more, be treated so badly. As she aptly says, rather than make media-arresting statements such as ‘stopping alcohol and smoking on screen’, could not our dear health minister (who happens to be from the same state of Tamilnadu), stop for a moment, prioritize, and see if anything could be done for our public health care system. It is going to dogs. If you read Gayathri’s post, you will see that, it is literally going to dogs.

An excerpt:

Another patient was lying down on one of the row cots that had a green sheet covering it. The sheet seemed uncared for and almost cursed. The green was just desperately clinging on to the sheet as if for mere presence. Just then, i saw a dog sleeping on the floor next to his wife and i knew it was not the sheet that was cursed.

Read the full post here.

And those readers who do own blogs, please do link to this article. Let us do our bit (however small it may be) to raise the awareness.

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One Response to Cannot our health ministry please prioritize … ?

  1. Gayatri says:

    Thanks Mouli for the gesture! It would be great if we could do our bit for them

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