Service for a fee, in airlines.

I just read a newspaper article (sfgate) that airlines in the US are slowly charging fees for a lot of services that passengers used to take for granted. Some of the services include:

  • Charging for checking your bag (some airlines used to charge only for second bag, more recently American Airlines has started charging for security-checking your first bag too.
  • Charging for requesting an aisle seat/more leg room seats like the bulkhead/exit aisle seats
  • Charging for meals on the flights
  • Charging have increased for rescheduling tickets

Why ? The airlines say, the reason is the increasing price of oil. They have to meet their operating margins somehow ! Slowly airlines in India have started complaining about the price of oil as well. Will these charges come to India too? We already have charges for rescheduling and ‘no-meals’ on budget airlines. All we can do is to wait and watch.

Read the full article here.

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One Response to Service for a fee, in airlines.

  1. jane says:

    low cost airlines!- man it is quite a pain in the arse nowadays, cos they ‘re no longer low-cost..they rip ya arse, n dun give any comfort at at!
    it’s hilarious!
    i mean it really izzzzz!!!!- cos teh last time i flew by jet, the food was so bad i felt pukey, n well, i got to pay 1000 buck to get my flight rescheduled on jet airways on the way back!!
    n the b@*#@ who pikd my call, when i wanted to reschedule didn’t give me a ticket in the same class, she said she needed tp put me on to the business class.. finally i took another flight, n still paid 1000 bucks.. grrrrrr

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