Are you a morning person?

I have been getting up fairly early in the last month or so; but I am not the happiest person for some time. I do get used to it – I keep thinking that, I can catch up on my lost sleep in my bus ride to work (which is about an hour). But the following article seems to suggest a much better way to cure morning blues. I am defenitely going to try this out. Out of te 5 points mentioned, I think the first one struck me the most – and which is what I am going to try out.

1. I get up easier. Ever since I’ve starting morning quiet times, I’ve been able to get up refreshed, without hitting the snooze, and ready to start the day bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. This is directly because my day doesn’t start with the grind. It starts with the knowledge that I have around an hour of my day dedicated to Me. That can change anyone’s perspective in the morning.

Check out the article here at lifedev.

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