Hans Rosling and his data

Wow. Just watch this TED-talks talk by Hans Rosling. Amazing presentation of complicated data. Everyone will understand this.

[click here to see the talk. It is 20 minutes. but well worth the time]

I cannot really describe this presentation as it would not give due credit. In presenter-extra-ordinaire Garr Reynold’s words, the talk is introduced as:

Hans Rosling, an expert in public health from Sweden, does an amazing job in this presentation bringing the data to life. If you want to know how he did all those graphics, go to gapminder.org. It’s all there. Hans is saying the problem is not the data, the data is there. But it’s not accessible to most people for three reasons: (1) For researchers and journalists, teachers, etc. it is too expensive. (2) For the media it is too difficult to access. (3) For the public, students, and policy makers, it is presented in a boring way. His solution is to make the data free, let it evoke and provoke an “aha” experience,” or a “wow!” experience for the public. I loved the way he got involved with the data, virtually throwing himself into the screen. He got his point across, no question about it.

I found this through Garr’s site presentationzen.com. And if you want to know what Garr means, when he says, he loved the way that Hans threw himself on the day, look below.

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