Howto: Macro photography

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All of us have seen those brilliantly taken close-up photographs (like the one above), or the one that Indrani had taken of the black swallowtail. But how does one do it. Check out this excellent, yet simple website on how to take macro-photographs.

Some neat tips that the website offers (using normal household materials):

  • Use a magnifying glass in front of your lens to get even closer to your subject. The results can be really unusual.
  • Capture water droplets on your flower images by spraying water on the petals right before the shot.
  • Diffuse harsh light by using tissue paper or a transparent, white plastic grocery bag between your light source and your subject.

Go to the Curbly website here.

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One Response to Howto: Macro photography

  1. i Share says:

    Hey, thanks for the link.
    Liked the way you gave the tips for macro shots. 🙂

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