Big bazaar and its contribution to police revenue

Well, I am not talking about any direct dealings between the big bazaar group and the police. It may happen, but I am not going to talk about it. It so happened, yesterday, I was waiting out the big bazaar on OMR (old Madras Road) to pick up my sister, who was coming by one of the KSRTC volvos. Well, the bus was running late, but I had preoccupied myself in watching the lonely police officer nearby, and his wonderful antics.
The big bazaar for those in the know is slightly on the wrong side of the road. Instead of proving my ineptitude in geographical descriptions, it is best to show a drawing.

As you can see by the thick red arrows, the easiest way to get to Big Bazaar is the wrong side way. The correct way is to continue down OMR for a little bit, and take a UTurn and come back to big bazaar. And this happened to be the vantage point for our friendly neighbourhood police officer. He would lurk in the shadows for a few minutes, and wait for his prey to come. When the offending motorist came near enough, the officer would pounce on him, and extract ‘his’ collection from him. In the 1 hour I was there, he caught about 11 two wheers, and 3 cars – his collection from each vehicle would have ranged from 50-150 bucks.

When his collection reached a threshold (I am assuming it would have been a round 1000 bucks), he went to this bike, put all his papers etc into the side box, started it, and went on his way …… in the wrong side way ofcourse !!

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3 Responses to Big bazaar and its contribution to police revenue

  1. i Share says:

    I stay close to this place and I see it happening everyday. Sometimes the PM i mean the police man pastes the ‘fine’ slip on all the cars parked there. This is not going to change unless the tyres are punctured. 🙂

  2. gcmouli says:

    That is true Indrani. Thanks for visiting my place on the net. Keep coming.

  3. Raji says:

    mmm….I have noticed thet the police in our area are more vigorous at these ‘collections’ when it is towards the end of the month!

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