Auto sights …

Sights that I noticed around me today when I had to travel in an auto for a short distance. You somehow tend to be more at a grass-roots level, when you travel in an auto, and notice so much more, than when you are in a car or a bus.

What the h*** is a MH auto doing in Karnataka. Well, looks like it is not just the IT folks who look at Bangalore as a city for more opportunities. This enterprising guy seems to have ‘transferred’ too to the IT city.

Brilliant screen printing on the side of a mini-bus – the staff bus of Bosch power tools. It shows a Bosch hammer (not shown in picture) punching holes through out the bus’s sides.

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2 Responses to Auto sights …

  1. JANE says:

    bosch power tools- wow the idea’s awesum, i guess creativity gets unleashed all over the place..

    incidentally,i was in blore on thursdayn friday,last week, and it definitley is a landa mixed cultutres/opportunites/lifestyles.. i also think its got well-bred breed dogs as streetdogs- even animals see this as a bone-filled city.. 🙂

  2. GCM says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog Jane. Hope to see you here often.

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