Shit Coffee

Ok, dear readers. Pardon the really bad title. But I cannot help it. I just read the desi girl blog, and this is what I read. Well, this is what she read and posted, and I read and I post here.


Kupi Luwak beans come from Indonesia and are harvested by civets, the indigenous wild cat. These clever felines sniff out the choicest berries, digest the flesh, and pass out the bean in the way that nature intended.

The human element arrives in what must be the most highly specialised job on the planet – the tracking down of civet droppings and their careful rinsing to reveal the pristine and flavour-enhanced bean.

Read the blog post here. Hmm, the question is, what will you be thinking of, when you drink coffee next !

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4 Responses to Shit Coffee

  1. Balaji says:

    If we start looking at the insights on how food items are made, we would never consume it again…

    Never mind, just have a sip.

  2. GCM says:

    That is true. 🙂 I still enjoy and relish the ultimate dosas made in the numerous dharshinis (stand-and-eat restaurants) in Bangalore. Some of them are clean inside ; and some of them are .. umm. 🙂

  3. Hi there, great site you’ve got. Perhaps you’d like to have a look at my
    my animation-short about the Civet Crapuchino.


  4. JANE says:

    if wine could be stamped on by bacteria -filled feet, i guess its a lil wunder tat coffee can have shit 🙂

    wat goes in comes out..
    buti guesss the mantra of teh food idustry is RECYCLE- WAT comes out goes in.. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa:)

    keep the posts cumin in, n thanks for droppin in 🙂

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