Elephants of Asia

(Image courtesy: time.com)

Brilliant photo slideshow on the Times webpage.


In his new book, Vanishing Giants, Photographer Palani Mohan journeys across Asia, searching for the soul of the Asian Elephant.

Some great photographs of the big beasts. Some touching/ugly photos (elephants being broken in etc). But nice photographs none the less.

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8 Responses to Elephants of Asia

  1. napaboaniya says:

    Awesome photo 🙂 A happy elephant enjoying his bath… now where’s the bubbles?

  2. stacy says:

    This is so cute! Its nice to see an elephant enjoying itself which is rare now and days

    • Wildlife Hero says:

      It’s rare to see an elephant enjoying itself. How the hell would you know? Do you have elephants living in your backyard just moping around, sighing, kicking at the dirt, and big frowns on their faces. How do you know how an elephant is feeling. Are you an elephant whisperer? I think not. Also, the saying is “now-a-days”. Sorry I just can’t stand stupid comments. Elephants are not cute! They are majestic and as far as I’m concerned are the kings of the grasslands and desert regions, woodlands and rainforest’s.

  3. Robert says:

    Did he fall or was he pushed!! Great Photo

  4. Wildlife Hero says:

    I also forgot to add. He/she maybe happy in that photo but as soon as he/she is done that human standing is right there to quickly put an end to it. Do you think he is there waiting for his turn to take a bath. No, he’s waiting to take control of that elephant. A good picture of a happy elephant would be if the elephant was stomping the shit out of that guy!!!!!! Have a nice day people.

  5. photographer says:

    this elephant doesn’t even look that happy it looks more like its fallen over and as for the man behind him, its not really fair that he is in control of such a great animal when elephants are so magestic and beautiful. No one should be allowed to take control of them they should be free animals.

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