Kungfu, Shaolin temple, and South India


(pic courtesy: LA times)

Yeah, they have something in common. I was reading an article the other day, which basically said, the founder of the famous Shaolin temple in China, was a south Indian monk, named BodhiDharma (or Da Mo as he is known in China). When Da Mo visited this area in China, he found that the commonly practiced method of meditation – which is sitting cross-legged from dawn to dusk, and focussing/relaxing the mind, had resulted in some ‘flabby monks’. So he introduced an martial art form, which was originally yoga-type of calisthenics.  The monks practiced meditation and calming the mind using this art form.

The trigger article is from LA Times and can be found here.

And more information on BodhiDharma can be found in Wikipedia here.

The wikipedia article has some references which trace Da Mo from the Pallava Dynasty of South India. Pretty interesting. Incidentally, DaMo is also the nick name of most people who are named Damodaran (one of the 108 names of Lord Vishnu).

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28 Responses to Kungfu, Shaolin temple, and South India

  1. kathick says:

    hi sir
    this is karthick here i like to study kung fu
    sir can u help me sir plz send me which is the
    best kung fu in bangalore
    because im from south india
    and i want know were is the shaolin temple
    in banglore

  2. afsal says:

    hello sir,
    im afsal 20 yrs old
    i really interested to learn kunfu
    now am in bangalore
    you please let me know abt chances of learning kungfu in bangalore
    dont avoid me because i have been a fan of kungfu since my schooldays and you once i started learning kungfu
    but then i left because of some unavoidable reasons
    and lemme know about the expenditure expected to learn kungfu

    • Shaik Aamir Kashiff says:

      Dear Afzal Bhai,

      I am a Kung-Fu student and learning it from 2004, I can guide you out to get admission in Kung fu classes. You can contact me on my mail ID (kashiff.sa@rediffmail.com)


      • vinay says:

        Yes….. I would like to learn kung fu …….I stay in bangalore so please tell me some good schools in bangalore……. I am 18 years of age ….. And i can not spend much money too ….. So please help me ……

  3. shrikant says:

    hi m intrested to be kungfu fighter can u help me?

    • Shaik Aamir Kashiff says:

      Dear Shrikant,

      If you have intention to become a fighter after learning kung fu, then I request you not to learn because kung fu is way of life, one should learn it to defend himself not to fight.

  4. ASIF RAHMAN says:

    hi m name is asif n i would like to know that where is the shaolion school (address) in south india n how long it is going to take learn martial art

  5. laks says:

    how much will shaolin kung fu black belt test costs?

  6. Jakie kumar says:

    Where is the shalion school in bangalore,future i have plan to go china to learn it,pls reply soon sir.

  7. Saran saka says:

    Hi sir i want to learn shaolin kungfu. Am from indian . Please send me the class address to my mail address sir

  8. vinay says:

    I like learn kung fu …….. I stay in bangalore please help me

  9. vinay says:

    I am very much intrested in sholin kung fu

  10. Rebecca says:

    hello everyone, I am Rebecca from Dengfeng, China. We sell all kinds of shaolin monk uniforms, shirts, shoes, robes for training and performance. Please contact if you need those things. Thanks.


  11. purna says:

    i am very interested to learn martial since 15 years .now my age is 28 years .so is there any chance to be a martial fighter.please sent about this.

  12. i want join in your class plass tall your amount and taming

  13. ajay says:

    Namaste sir, my self ajay, i am from karnataka. nange kung Fu kalibeku anta tumb ase… please help me sir….

  14. vijay says:

    hi sir…
    Its Vijay from bangalore, i am a fan of kung fu, its my dream sir & i want to fulfil my dream… so please guide me sir…. plz dont disoppient me sir….

  15. Prafulla rajkumar says:


    I am from India(Bangalore) and i am a martial art freak and from childhood i was trying to learn martial arts but unfortunately not able to fulfil my dream. I always watching shaolin kungfu movies and videos. I am working in bangalore( India) and i came to know about shaolin temple website. I am also very much interested to know about Shaoline temple culture and want to know more. I dont know how to make my dream come true. Can u help me on this regard. Is there is any original shaoling kungfu expert in India or is any other way to learn Shaolin temple culture and Shaolin Kungfu. I really want to learn. Please let me know.

    Email:- rajkumar_prafulla@rediffmail.com

  16. pankaj says:

    hare krishna sir,i m pankaj from surat city,i come in banglore so i want to know sholin temple,but i read now no any sholine temple in banglore,if u r grow it u r very very good person.plz help me.

  17. Manjunath rao.r says:

    bodhidhama is great

  18. MEISAM says:





  19. Divya Parantap says:


    I want to learn weapon in kung-fu. Is it illegal to posses a weapon in India (particularly a sword)? Because I’m planning to buy a real sword once my training is complete. Someone told me that you need to have a licence to posses a sword in India. Do, I need a licence to posses a sword in India? If so, how to apply for such a licence.

  20. jeeva says:

    hi iam jeeva frm chennai(india) i want learn kunfu plz help me

  21. karthik says:

    hi i am karthik from Bangalore.i want to learn kung fu. plz guide me

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