Bengalooru airportu


The Bangalore airport (the old one, there is a new one coming soon), has indeed improved by leaps and bounds. The view from the waiting area.

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4 Responses to Bengalooru airportu

  1. The Chef says:

    I am reviewing the New Airport at Bengalooru. we are consultants to GoK for this airport. Believe me its not good. I had a look at it, it looks more like a factory and does not stand a chance in front of Hyderabad and Mumbai International Airport.

    Also there is no connecting road to reach the new airport. It’s all set to start its operations by march end. but how to reach there… also it ll take nearly 2-3 hours to reach there from the city….so a total waste of 4-5 hours to catch a flight.

    I have some fotos of the new airport if you wish I can send it to you for your blog.

  2. gcmouli says:

    Yeah, I have heard about the new airport and its woes. Lets hope the govt gets its act together, and fixes the approach road, and the airport. Else, Bangalore will lose even its existing IT customers. Things are already slowly shifting towards Hyderabad and Chennai.

  3. kishorekumar62 says:

    That is the whole point! Hyper-growth is not not good for Bangalore! Check out my blog on this issue.

  4. gcmouli says:

    Kishorekumar: thanks for stopping by. I agree. Things need to grow in a controlled manner.

    I dont see your blog URL in the comment though. Do let me know.

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