Convert PDFs to … PDFs again!

Haha. Is there any use at all, to convert a PDF to a PDF? The Confessions-of-a-freeware-junkie blog writes of a fantastic use. This was discovered by accident, but a goldmine find. He had a huge color PDF of about 13 Megs in size. And he had to reduce the size. He tried several tools to reduce this size, but in vain. He then, went to print this PDF to a PDF using the free PDFCreator tool. Voila ! The file became 3 Megs. He guesses the reason to be that PDFCreator tool reduces the millions of colors PDF to a few thousands of colors. And this makes a huge difference. Wow. This is good info. He says that the output was still highly legible, and his user was happy.

That is defenitely a good hack! Kudos! Read the post here.

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