Get into the Zone !

Awesome productivity blog 🙂 writes an indepth article on how to get into the zone at work. Some very good advise. Some exerpts:

Your ability to concentrate can be trained, just as your body can. It is a slow, incremental process, and just like with physical training, the real gains are made through consistency rather than occasional bursts.

The Nine Components of Flow

  • Clear goals.
  • A high degree of concentration on a limited field of attention.
  • A loss of self-consciousness, the merging of action and awareness.
  • Distorted sense of time. (he talks of power-of-48-minutes here)
  • Direct and immediate feedback; behaviour can be adjusted as needed.
  • Balance between ability level and challenge.
  • A sense of personal control over the situation or activity.
  • Intrinsically rewarding action, so there is an effortlessness of action.
  • Focus of awareness is narrowed down to the activity itself.

Read the full article here.

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