Stay focussed at work

Dave Cheong in his most enriching blog, has a nice post on 18 ways to stay focussed at work. Makes a very interesting read. I have started implementing a couple of the tips. It has been working out well until now. Some interesting tips are :

Write out a daily task list and plan your day.

Setup filters in your email.

Clean up your desk.

Change your mindset and make work fun.

Read the full list here.

Update: Found another Being Focussed article on the same blog. Man, this guy is amazing. Check out his list of things to do, for keeping his blogging consistant:

  • Having a goal to write 120 articles in a year.
  • Working on 3 articles each week, or 2 paragraphs in each sitting.
  • Prioritising bill paying before working on writing tasks.
  • Tracking the number of posts I have done each week.
  • Planning the topics for future articles in advance.
  • Taking time out to do searches on Technorati and Google.
  • Waking up at 5:30am and working on an article before work.
  • Asking my wife to wake me up if I fail to get up on my own.
  • Unplugging the Xbox to remove distractions.
  • Watching TV to relax my mind after completing an article.
  • Visualise the growth in subscribers to my feed to maintain motivation.

Wow !

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