Outlook Update

Yes. I have been using Outlook completely for about a week now. I am a happy camper until now. No mishaps. I have set up a few filters. I am wholly on INBOX ZERO (an idea, I had read about in fellow blogger Merlin Mann’s 43 folders).

Basically, every email that lands in my box gets a priority/action associated with it. It either gets filed into a folder, or gets deleted, or stays in my INBOX if it requires an action from me. It gets a red flag, if it is a deadline oriented task (or has an appointment linked to it – so that I will not have to toggle to/back from the calendar mode).

So far so good.

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2 Responses to Outlook Update

  1. Janani says:

    Wow! You seem to be trying out mail clients at the rate of a few per month – OE, Thunderbird and now Outlook. Hmmm… at this rate you are gonna become an acclaimed mail client reviewer. I, for one, trust your judgement 😉

  2. MouliG says:

    Actually, I did not really try out OE. I dont like the look of OE – personal preference. Also Outlook is more fleshed out than OE.

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