Google pages

I tried out googlepages today. My personal opinion : It is a good webpage creating tool for grandma at home. If grandma can do gmail, she can now create a webpage. That is how simple it is. Not sure if someone who has more tech skills would like it though. The AJAXy interface is good but too restrictive. I like to see my html tags. Well, one more positive in this whole thing is memory – they give you 100 Megs even for the free version – Geocities does not give you that much (but hey they let you even upload html created by you.

So overall :

+ Phenomenally simple to create a webpage
+ No bandwidth restriction
+ Free version gets you 100 Megs (no one else gives you this)
+ No ads (like geocities forces on you) – but how long will this last ?

– Restrictive
– Cant see html tags
– Cant create your own html and uploade
– System was pretty unstable as of this morning and I see several bloggers complaining the same.

Go check out my page though at

TDavid from ‘MakesYouGoHmm’ blog also has a good analysis. [link]

Update:Ok, I take back my words. You can upload your own html into googlepages. I just tried it and it works. I guess, I will have to agree that googlepages does seem viable now. Though, I am not sure if it is stable enough yet. My sister tried to create a page today morning and it did not allow her to do so. She got a message saying that, due to heavy system overload, they are not accepting any more invites.

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