Geeks, coffee warmers and the like …

I am going to change the way I update this blog a it. Instead of updating it during various times during the day, I am going to collect all the links during the day, and then blog it once.

Are you a geek ? Are you proud of it ? zdnet has a nice article on how geekiness as a personality trait is becoming increasingly popular, with more and more gadgets such as Ipods and smart phones coming.


Do you drink coffee ? Do you at times forget about the coffee that you just brought and get immersed in work ? Then you should check out this gadget – an USB coffee warmer !


Ok. Lets assume that you are good at email. You are always to the point. You write in bullets. You change your subject lines at the right moment – to avoid long threads getting lost. But are you frustrated that people around you, are not that good at email. Lifehacker has some really cool and subtle ways to teach your co-workers, friends, emailers, how to use email efficiently.


A white board which you can move around anywhere you want, and even stick it to the wall nearest to you. Hm. Stick it to the wall .. where have I heard this before. Oh yeah, the 3M folks are making this one too.


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