Body Area Network

Ok. The name defenitely sounds cheezy. But that seems to be one of the 15 new tech concepts for 2006 according to Popular Mechanics Magazine. Lets see what that means:

Body Area Network (BAN)
Like everything else, implantable medical devices are going wireless. A new in-body antenna chip from Zarlink Semiconductor is in preproduction, and should appear in pacemakers and hearing implants this year. By transmitting data to and receiving instructions from nearby base stations, BAN chips can reprogram your heartbeat at your doctor’s office or make a diagnosis from a bedside wireless monitor at home.

Wow. That defenitely sounds dangerous to me. What if the heart beat programmer gets into the wrong hands.

Possible bad scenario:

Hey .. I dont like you, let me lower your heart rate to … heh heh zero.

Possible good scenario:

Romeo to his girlfriend: hey dear, let me make your heart go …. ooomph.  🙂

There are some other interesting tech concepts too. Read the full article at the PM magazine website here.

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