Rules do not deter the committed …

Just read an article by Steve Pavlina titled “Rules are no obstacles for the Committed”. Very good read. I should say a little boastful, but inspiring none-the-less. I think he probably has every right to speak highly of his deeds. They are indeed things to be proud of.

A small snippet:

Steve:  I’ve decided to do X.

Cowardly Lion:  Bock bock bock.  Cluck cluck cluck.  I’m scared.

Steve:  Step aside please.  Coming through.

Cowardly Lion:  Huh?  What?  Um, OK.

Cowardly Lion goes home and ponders what it might be like to live as something other than a cowardly lion for just one day.  Cowardly Lion obeys previous conditioning by flipping on TV to help eliminate such socially disruptive thoughts and feelings.  Cowardly Lion begins feeling “normal” again (ca. 1984) after noticing that friendly TV characters universally agree that people like Steve are broken, anti-social, and wicked and that Cowardly Lion is in fact perfectly normal, average, and socially acceptable.

Read the full article here.

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3 Responses to Rules do not deter the committed …

  1. D says:

    Hi Mouli,
    Good to see you back in blog world after a long hibernation!-)
    Keep blogging…..

  2. D says:

    and yes! it’s indeed an inspiring article.

  3. MouliG says:

    Thanks ‘d’ for stopping by. Yes, I am back :). I still cant figure out who you are though 😦

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