The Gauls are coming !

This posting is not related to personal productivity, or gadgets, or anything related to the two in its remotest incarnation. But I could not pass this up.
An amazing article written by L Suresh in, where he draws analogies to the current state of the Indian Cricket team and the Gauls (from Asterix). A very nice read.

While the series ended like a good Gaulish adventure — on a happy note — there was only one sequence where the Indians deviated from the typical Gaulish finish. After each match, the grand banquet was held amidst great celebration, but one wonders why Mohinder Amarnath, unlike Cacofonix, was allowed to break into song.

Read the full article here.

(Thanks Usha)

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One Response to The Gauls are coming !

  1. Anonymous says:

    oh yes. Wasn’t that a delightful piece?
    and equally delightful is the picture you posted along with the link!


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