Creativity as an Investment

Adrian in his Coyote Within blog has an excellent post titled ‘Coyote and the Grim Reaper’. Wow is all I can say. He writes a post about seeing the Grim reaper outside a corporate office. He talks about how ‘The One’ above invests in creativity. Investment planning is done in earnest. People are assessed about the investment returns – on how creative they have been. If they have not been productive, the investment is withdrawn. The best that I really liked was when Coyote asks about insects and dogs, and the Grim Reaper replies: “Sure,” said the Grim Reaper. “We put a lot of our investment into safe holdings like those. You don’t invest much in an ant, but there are billions and billions of them, so it all adds up. And the investment is totally safe. Insects and such do what they do and we always collect a tiny dividend when they die. The more advanced the creature, the more investment it takes and the higher the rewards. Of course, the risk goes up too. Humans demand a huge investment and they’re very, very high-risk. But when it works as it should, the rewards from just one human are immense. All that creativity and learning. Beautiful stuff! You know, I collected our investment from Socrates — and Albert Einstein. You could barely quantify the rate of return, it was so massive.”

Read the full post
‘coyote and the grim reaper’.

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